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Floating Offshore Wind Research Array Webinar 3 - General Interest - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Osborn
Will there be any benefit to the region that hosts the site?
Eileen Murphy, NJ Audubon
Are there any plans for baseline ecological studies to determine potential impacts to marine mammals, birds and bats?
Willard Morgan
What is the process for evaluating where the electricity comes ashore?
Erin LaBrecque
Thank you. For Celina or Meredith, are there any details on the types of ecological research that you can discuss? For example, are the any programs that might look at secondary entanglements?
Jessica Pinkham
Where are the proposed sites for cable landing. Where are the proposed sites where cable will come ashore
Erin LaBrecque
And, is there any communication with the folks who are working on offshore floating wind off the West Coast in terms of ecological impacts, specifically floating wind impacts on protected and endangered species?
Cullen McGough - Chewonki Foundation, Director of Communications
Has a location/locations been identified for the shore-based service centers? Do these turbines require much maintenance? And, (just curious) what’s the expected lifetime per unit?
Jessica Pinkham
I understand you are looking at Maine Yankee and Mason Station. Can you speak to that?
Erin LaBrecque
Thank you!
Ryan Gahagan
Last night, two potential interconnection points we discussed, Maine Yankee/Mason Station and Wyman Station. Is there a reason why only existing 345kV Substation are being considered or do you foresee new substations along the 345kV transmission backbone might be considered?
Raphael Herz
Has the developer filed interconnection applications with ISO-NE for each of the potential interconnection points?
Willard Morgan
Although climate, economic, and ecological issues are primary concerns. Does the overall project include consideration of education opportunities, including for K-12 audiences?
Michael Ames
Where might we find information on the overall economic impact that will be of direct benefit to Maine?
Stephenie Pinkham
How will Maine Lobsterman that fish the grounds being proposed be displaced?
Stanley White
500 year storm even is part of the design criteria.
Robert Ingalls
The project goes forward for say ten years and is found not to be feasible who will be responsible for cleaning it up? Is their an amount of money in escrow.
Stephenie Pinkham
The Sheepscot River is key to the spawning of cod fish and shrimp if Maine Yankee is chosen is their discussion on how to protect those species?
Jessica Pinkham
What is the cost per kilowatt?
Michael Ames
Where might I find information that proves Off-Shore wind as a CO2 drawdown solution?
Julia Robinson Willmott
Raphael Herz
Has the developer filed interconnection applications with ISO-NE for each of the potential interconnection points?
Jason Shedlock, NE Region - Laborers' International Union
As far as job training and workforce development opportunities, will there be perhaps a registered apprenticeship requirement for the off and onshore jobs?
Patrice McCarron
The industry has been getting mixed messages on what is in the pipeline, that this is the only project. But we've heard that other developers have approached the state. Can Director Burgess tell us how many developers are interested, relative size of projects and where?
Patrice McCarron
It has been said that applications have not been filed so the state is not discussing those, but there has been no application filed for this either.
Patrice McCarron
What are we facing and how does this research project fit in?
Ian Voparil
just wanted to thank you all for being so transparent and engaging us public so early in the front end of planning.
Raphael Herz
these sessions have been very informative, and the state should be commended for the approach.
Daniel Woodman
For interest, there are 'in state' projects in CA being reviewed.
Cullen McGough - Chewonki Foundation, Director of Communications
While ground fishing is clearly tricky around an installation like this, is it really an “either/or” question around fishing? Are there design innovations or technique changes that can be explored to satisfy both of those stakeholder groups?
Jason Shedlock, NE Region - Laborers' International Union
Thanks to everyone for these sessions, and to the staff members at the state as well as David for taking their time this and the other evenings. Much appreciated.
Jennifer Spillane
I just wanted to thank David, Celina, Meredith, Dan, and Stan for all the great information! I’m really excited about this project and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.
Gayle Zydlewski
For more information on Environmental Effects of Wind Energy (on and offshore): https://tethys.pnnl.gov/wind-energyhttps://tethys.pnnl.gov/knowledge-base-wind-energy