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Floating Offshore Wind Research Array Webinar 2 - Fishing-Industry Focused - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Winne
Good evening everyone and thank you for joining. Please reach out to me through this chat or via email, melissa.winne@maine.gov, with any tech-related questions or issues.
John Williamson
Pat, I have some comments. John Williamson
Troy Plummer
Sheepscot River is heavily fished by 4 Communities. Boothbay, Five islands / George Town, Westport Island, Wisscasset.
Richard Wahle
Following on John Williamson’s comment, what are the cooperative research opportunities with the fishing industry to conduct baseline research ahead of evaluating the impacts of wind arrays on key marine species, habitats and fisheries.
John Williamson
The catenary of the anchor chain will determine how close some fisheries can approach the turbine location. In other words there is a circle surrounding the turbine location which fisheries will have to avoid.
Chris Weiner
Due to both safety concerns and liability issues, it’s more likely than not that these will be de-facto ‘no fishing’ areas. It sounds like the area in question is all key fish, whale, bird, and fishing community habitat. It’s hard for myself and others not to feel like we are being left with only one option in how to deal with this potential project.
Chris Weiner
I would slow this down, and meaningfully engage fishermen. Cable length and ease of connection to land should not take precedence over other key matters. Thanks for your consideration.
Genevieve McDonald
Specifically what information is included in the application to BOEM?
Peter Fallon
When will you share all of the potential sites for locations where the cable will connect to the grid? Can we expect to see that list next week when you post more information on the web? And do you have a web address yet for where that info will be posted?
Tom Duym
My Question is about the scale of the research site vs a full Commercial lease. Especially around the electromagnetic concern and existing research on cable placement depth vs megawatts carried. Thank you.
Jon Archer Zocalo Permaculture center
question about no cable soutions like blue hydrogen or ammonia production on site. dan b. or chris w
Ronald Huber
An issue for ocean hydrographers: Floating wind turbines in an array like this will be essentially an archipelago of windshadow islands anchored in a current. That current seasonally conveys lobster larvae and many other living things. TThe array's combined windshadows are calculable. Modeling to estimate what extent the speed of surface currents passing through the array will be slowed and its direction changed can be calculated. This can then be applied to siting of the full blown floating windparks should they take place . It may turn out to be there are places where the currents are not so critical.There is discussion of this issue in the scientific literature. See Goran Brostrom as a pioneer in this regard