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Economic Recovery Committee Meeting, Nov. 13, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Tae Chong
If we are going to recommend DEI then we need to have more positive language and explain that DEI is a current and future economic opportunity via new customers, new innovators, and significant workforce. DEI can't be seen as an obligation rather an evolution of our society and economy.
Tae Chong
I would love for Maine, and MaineHousing to explore rental housing that incorporates equity and savings programs ie landtrusts, coops and fss to help break the life long renter cycle. So many people in poverty even in affordable housing cannot break this cycle. We need to help people in subsidize housing graduate more to self sufficiency.
Curtis Picard
I agree wholeheartedly with everything Jean and Jennifer is saying. I believe the term "bodyslam" to certain industries and it's true.
Tae Chong
Taking out negative, obligatory language for DEI and replacing them with opportunistic language will not lead to more DEI verbiage, just tightening. Without DEI Maine would have seen a population decrease. 1/2 of Portland, Lewiston, 1/4 of South Portland, Auburn and Westbrook schools would be closed. These areas represent almost 60% of Maine's economy. I think the health of 60% of Maine's GDP is essential. Our current economic situation as dire as it is would be far worse without DEI.