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Aftercare Support Services Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
question.. if the parent still wants us to submit the application but the program coordinator says no.....can we still submit.
Cat Emerson
I was a few minutes late. To confirm, does each residential treatment center hire their own FTS to work with all clients graduated from their program?
Heather Gosselin
Question: When DHHS or tribal guardians decline services for children discharging from the CRCF, but the receiving resource family would like services (HCT, TCM etc.), how should we navigate that?
Erica Goss
If it is 6 months post discharge and the youth then accepts the service...can the 6 months begin from there? And how often do we need to call to offer the service? So far, we are getting some firm "no thank yous".
Lisa Reinbold
If a family refuses or has needed services and does not want Aftercare, do we continue to try or is this cause for an exemption?
Erica Goss
This service does not need a treatment plan? The goals come from the 30 day meeting, pre-discharge?
Lisa Reinbold
can we bill for collateral contact as well or just direct care with family/client?
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
please clarify. parents have choice to have this service.
Does Kepro need to authorize the aftercare service?
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
what you said parent declining it not necessarily being a reason for an exemption
Lisa Reinbold
is there a limit for amount of time spent in Aftercare and billing?
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
can we have some specific examples of the use of the aftercare especially if they already have case managment
Diane Bouffard
Who is explaining to the family about how the service works?
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
thank you for the clarification on the purpose of the exemption that helped
Jill Easttey
How is this different from case management? Will the family have access to providers from the residential program to answer questions and to help the FTS assist in troubleshooting problematic behaviors at home?
Heather Gosselin
How many efforts to overcome a family declining need to be made? We have asked for clarification around this and are being told to keep trying which feels like a violation of client/family right to autonomy.
no pa for aftercare is required
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
i appreciate the examples. this would be so helpful!! especially skills learned!!
Lisa Reinbold
does telehealth/zoom count for in person contact?
Currently we are being told we can only bill in 1 hour increments. Many contacts are 30 min. contacts and MaineCare is telling us it may be until July until we can bill for .25 hour units. Will we be able to re-submit the 30 min. contacts in July?
. Family Transition Specialist (FTS) Children’s Residential Care Facility StaffA Family Transition Specialist is a staff requirement for the provision of Aftercare Support Services (97.01-1). To qualify as a Family Transition Specialist, individuals must meet the minimum following criteria:a. Meet all criteria outlined in 97.07-2 (H)(1); andb. Hold a bachelor’s degree in social work or a related human services field from an accredited university; or hold a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field with at least one (1) year of professional experience in the human services field.
Lisa: there are no unit limits for billing aftercare at this time.
Erica Goss
To clarify, What is NOT billable? The travel?
Justin, as it was explained to me the one hour unit will be effective in July and that typically means it is not retroactive.
July is a target date only
Amanda Hodgkins
The FTS works with the case manager and other providers (HCT/individual therapist/school staff/med mgt, etc.) to help support the youth and family with the transition back home. Team meetings can be a good avenue to talk about the treatment that was received and the challenges and strengths of youth and family. The FTS can help the youth talk about what the triggers were, what worked for interventions and can offer support to the caretaker/parent with behaviors and challenges that arise as the youth transitions home. The transition is hopefully a happy one, but can be stressful and issues may arise with rules at home, limits set, etc. The FTS can consult with clinician about ways to intervene and help with communication, etc.
Can two 30 minutes be combined to be billed for an hour?
Erica mileage is billable. there is a separate code in policy for this.
Diane Bouffard
do all the residentials now have a family transition specialist hired?
Heather Gosselin
At the recommendation of the clinical team can we presume an FTS certified in programs such as Triple P would be free to proceed with working with the family on this?
Justin: I believe the rounding rule would apply but will need to check with policy on this.
Lisa Reinbold
to hire a full time FTS is not sustainable as we do not do discharges regularly. How do you recommend we get there?
Heather Gosselin
Yes that is my question. My FTS is certified. Thank you!
Shaun Quimby
could you explain the "rounding rule"?
Annie Young
We have a youth who was discharged 6 months ago and recently has agreed to services (has not had services for 6+months- but I attempted contact). Do I start the 6 months of services over or should it be a monthly reevaluation?
rounding of units is found in chapter I. ..Bill only for covered services and supplies delivered. In cases where services provided include less than a whole unit of a service, the unit shall be rounded up only if equal or greater than fifty per cent (50%) of the unit of service, e.g. 1.5 units of service equals 2 units of service rounded up; 1.4 units of service equal 1 unit of service.The procedure code for the smallest unit of service must be used. Specific provisions in any other Chapters or Sections of this Manual will supersede this rounding requirement. 
Jennifer Fricke
Apologize if this was discussed/shared....but where do we find a list of all the regional residential specialists?
Annie Young
Is it possible for all FTS to be listed somewhere so that we can coordinate questions/odeas between each other>
Anita Hood
Trish Niedorowski (Wings)
this was wonderful. thank you. i can very much see the benefit and the potential in this as it gets underway....thanks!