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Floating Offshore Wind Research Array Webinar 1 - Fishing-Industry Focused - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr. Cassaundra Rose, Tech Support/GOPIF
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Ryan Gahagan
How does this stakeholder outreach effort, specific to the research array, overlap with or differ from the OSW Roadmap initiative funded by the USEDA? - Ryan Gahagan, Treadwood.
Patrice McCarron
Adding to Ryan's question, why are you moving forward with a research array before you have conducted (or even started) the roadmap planning process?
Bob Humphrey
not getting option to raise hand
Dr. Cassaundra Rose, Tech Support/GOPIF
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Bill Needelman
Curious to know if landside transmission resources will be influencing array location? Likewise with underwater transmission routes - where will transmission connect and will land side/inshore impacts be included siting criteria?
Dr. Cassaundra Rose, Tech Support/GOPIF
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Dr. Cassaundra Rose, Tech Support/GOPIF
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Dr. Cassaundra Rose, Tech Support/GOPIF
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Ryan Gahagan
Is CBI also managing the Roadmap efforts?
Heidi Henninger
How does the vision of a long term research area interface with BOEM's commercial leasing process - solicited or unsolicited. Seems unlikely that this will be the only federal waters leased area in the Gulf of Maine over a 20 year time frame.
Patrice McCarron
Can you explain how BOEM differentiates between a commercial wind lease vs a research lease? This project proposes to build permanent structures and transmit power over 20 years, so how is it different than a commercial project?
Stephen Drew
Re impacts of power cables, there is a lot of research and documents in the NYSERDA Master Plan and on the BOEM Offshore Wind website
Christen Graham
Who is speaking now please? (from Port Clyde with 202 phone0
Ryan Gahagan
With the Vineyard Wind project in Massachusetts, significant negotiations between BOEM and the fishing industry has gone into how the grid of towers are laid out, be it north to south or northeast to southwest as well as the distance between each tower. Does this imply that navigation and/or fishing activities will be permitted within the footprint of an OSW farm and/or this array?
Marc Lamothe
Assume good intentions….consider the positive and the negative. That is what this forum provides. I see wind power as a means to reduce the amount of hydro projects on our rivers. Our herring need some relief.
Michael Dawson
there are lines drawn all over the ocean we have zone lines we comply with also there are historical areas were you are allowed to fish depending on the harbor you fish out of . so someone is going to be displaced were ever you put this so called research project,lobsterman can’t just always move to new spot!!you can fish
George Lapointe
Gerry Cushman is trying to get reconized
Patrick Field
Gerry, you are up next
Patrice McCarron
How does the BOEM process prevent commercial applications from coming forward for a full scale wind farm in the GOM once this research array application is submitted?
Ryan Gahagan
To be clear, is the application being submitted in spring 2021 or spring 2022?
Stephen Weiner
Is it pre-ordained that this project is going to happen ?
Stephen Weiner
Hope not
Stephen Weiner
Really bad spot to site this
Heidi Henninger
The US Coast Guard will likely conduct a port access, fishing safety, and radar interference study as they are doing for the commercial leases south of Cape Cod. It will likely be up to the Coast Guard, and vessel liability insurers to dictate if fishing is allowable.
Bob Humphrey
Marc Lamothe
Thank you…the Zoom format allowed me to join in.
Christen Graham
Thanks for pulling this together!
Patrick Field
Marc, glad you could participate via Zoom. Thanks for joining.
Ryan Gahagan
Thank you
Will this presentation be on the website!