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Floating Offshore Wind Research Array Webinar 4 - Fishing-Industry Focused - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Fallon
What will the transmission capacity of the cable and connection infrastructure support in terms of possible additional turbines? Once this cable is in place, would it be a draw for additional development in the same area where this project could be sited? Thanks
Stephenie Pinkham
Is there any plan to meet specifically with Zone E Lobsterman? They would be the most effected if the Sheepscot River ends up being utilized.
Jed Fahey
I’m a retired biologist. It pains me to hear this. Of course I support the need to do research and I’ve done it all of my life, but so many fishermen on this call have had such excellent points. I would like to jump up and down and scream about it but since I’m not a stakeholder and the biggest fish I ever caught was a bluefish in 1969, I don’t want to take any time away from the real fishermen. As Dustin Delano has just asked (more eloquently) --- What is the rush, given where we are as a pandemic-brutalized nation right now?
Patrick Field
Just a heads up: Gerry is next then want to jump to Eben who has been waiting.
Robert Ingalls
To add to my question last zoom meeting, how much is put in a bond/escrow to clean the research project if it isn't feasible?
Patrick Field
Virginia, sorry if I cut you off there at the end.
Ben Martens
Who owns the cable?
Ira Miller
How do you raise your hand here?
Patrick Field
Ira, I have you in the line now so no need.
Ira Miller
Stephen Drew
If you look in detail at the record you can find many cases where states and fishermen have many large inputs and influence in siting and layout. The Mass - RI originally proposed area was reduced by about 45% due in part to fisdhermen's inputs about important fishing grounds. The grid layout is another of many examples.
Troy Plummer
Marine mammal protection act is used to to justify considering my endline rope as a risk to right whales, Anchor chains and power cables must represent greater risk than a 7/16 rope. When you take one area it increases effort elsewhere